Anchor yourself with new jewels, 
straight from the treasure chest!

Created in sterling silver, with glistening treasured stones such as rubies, diamonds and topaz (any anything else your heart desires!) Prices start from $65(AUD)...

L-R... Large Anchor necklace w/ barnacle, Sparkling Ships Wheel necklace (w/ blue topaz), Little Anchor necklace, Sparkling Ships Wheel necklace (w/ ruby), Sea Basket necklace.... STERLING SILVER

Twisted Rope rings... STERLING SILVER

L-R... Sea Shell earrings, Little Anchor studs... STERLING SILVER

L-R... Sparkling Ships Wheel necklace (w/ ruby), Sea Shell earrings, Sea basket necklace... STERLING SILVER

L-R... Twisted Rope bangle, Twisted Rope ring... STERLING SILVER

L-R Little Anchor necklace, little Anchor studs... STERLING SILVER

available online

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